1 Jul. 2002 established of Superfast WIRE CUT Co.,Ltd.
​At T.Napa A.Muang , Chonburi.

  Throughout the period 14 years that have the experience, personnel with knowledge / ability (skills) and the tools to work with.
  Show that we are ready. Both in the Mold Making / Repair as well.
  And has been trusted by customers assignments mold continuously.
  Superfast with integrity in business so have Partnership (supply chain ) in business like any other.
  ​Ex. Steel supplier for mold making, Mold equipments and Hardening / Chrome plating surface etc.
Die Making
Die Making the strengths of the First presentation / invite. Customers or factory to pay attention Where We Were.

Knowledge aptitude the Die
Progressive or Single.
Die Progressive
Die Single
Die Repair