With talent, production skills and availability in. In what required in the production.
The company has won the trust of customers, including the following.............
Automotive Group Home Appliances Group

1.Thai Summit Autoparts Industry Co., Ltd. (TSA)

2.Thai Summit Laemchabang Auto part Co.,Ltd. (TSLA)

3.Thai Summit Rayong Auto part Industry Co.,Ltd. (TSRA)

4.Thai Summit Eastern Seaboard Autopart Industry Co.,Ltd

5.Summit Auto Body Industry Co.,Ltd.

6.Summit Laemchabang Auto body work Co.,Ltd. (SLAB)

7.Bridgestone NCR Co.,Ltd.

8.Maruyasu Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

9.Thai Yashiro Ltd.

10.Asteer (Thailand) Co.,Ltd

1.Daikin Industries (Thailand) Ltd.

2.Fujitsu Genaral (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

3.Sony Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

4.Sharp Appliances (Thailand) Limited

5.Toshiba Consumer Products (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

6.Hitachi Consumer Products (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

7.Electrolux Thailand Co., Ltd

Electronics , Compressor Group

1.Siam Compressor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

2.Daikin Compressor Industries Ltd.

3.Oriental Copper (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

4.Kusatsu Electric (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

5.Shimohira Electric (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

6.Sumitronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

7.Kaga Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.



Superfast Technology (Thailand)Co.,LTD.
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